Our Services

Standard restroom with urinal

Possible options

  • In-unit handwash
  • Soap and hand towel dispensers
  • Interior lightning with motion sensor
  • Lift kit

Free standing hand washer


  • Dual sinks
  • Two soap dispensers
  • Two paper dispensers

Service truck


  • Restroom transportation
  • Vacuum service
  • High-power washer
  • Provides Blue liquid
  • Provides clean water

Right choice for smart hygiene solutions

Compliance with sanitary norms at public and business institutions is of a great importance nowadays.

Free standing handwashers and comfortable chemical restrooms can promote your business while warding off various hygiene and regulatory problems.

We offer you the highest quality portable restrooms and handwashers for the following purposes:


Construction sites

biotoilets in Tbilisi



Infrastructural projects


Crowded places

Police and military posts

Military training

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